Welcome to Mobilenet & Aerospace

Mobile & Aerospace Networks Lab (MobileNet) is a leading research group within the University of Malaga’s Telecommunications Institute (TELMA) that pushes the boundaries of mobile communication.

The Mobilenet group is specialized in research and development related to future generation networks. Our team of over 30 researchers collaborates with top industry and academic partners worldwide to tackle over 20 ongoing projects. Leveraging decades of expertise in network performance, data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), and self-organizing networks (SON), we are shaping the future of networks.

Mobilenet is a significant contributor to the field, actively participating in international committees, organizing conferences and  workshops.

Furthermore, Mobilenet is particularly  dynamic in the exchange of researchers with other research institutions, having signed official scientific and technical cooperation agreements all along EU. The research group is composed over +30 people, including faculty members, post-doc & PhD researchers, top students and management staff.